Full Application

Get started in the loan process by completing our full loan application.

Simply print out the Uniform Residential Loan Application, Fill in the required information & FAX the completed form to: (856) 874-0195.



The following information will also need to be returned with your application so that we may move forward with the processing of your loan:

  • Copy of your two (2) most recent paystubs.
  • Copy of your most recent W-2’s for all jobs worked.
  • Copy of your most recent Tax Returns for the past 2 years.
  • Evidence of receipt of Social Security / Pension / Disability income
  • Evidence of Alimony / Child Support.
  • Copy of Executed Agreement of Sale on your present home
  • Copy of Executed Agreement of Sale on the property you are purchasing.
  • Copy of HUD-1 / Settlement Sheet on the home you recently sold.
  • Copy of Lease(s) on your other rental real estate.
  • Credit Explanation Letter if applicable.
  • Copy of current Mortgage Statements(s) showing payoff information.
  • Copy of current Homeowner’s Policy.
  • Copy of ALL pages of your most recent: Bank Statements, 401(k) Statements, Stocks / Bonds Statements, Gift Letter(s), Proof of the Donor(s) ability to give the gift(s), Evidence of transfer of gift funds from Donor’s account to your account.

Also, please note there is a required government form titled “USA Patriot Act Form”.Please include a legible copy of whichever acceptable form of identification you choose.

If you have any questions regarding these forms, please call me.

Deanne Katsaros: (609) 605-7153

Thank you!